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Baskervilles’ Fab Four Qualify for Somerset Squad

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img_0242Four Gymnasts from Baskervilles Gymnastics Club have qualified for next year’s Somerset County Squad, following the 2016 Somerset Championships. The competition, which was held at Wiltshire School of Gymnastics on Sunday 30th October, saw gymnasts in the current Somerset Squad compete individually and in teams. Those who came in the top six individually automatically qualified for next year’s squad, with further upcoming opportunities to win a place for those who missed out on this occasion.

7-year-old Tahlia Wyatt and 8-year-olds Amelie Rushforth and Annabelle Moss competed the Open Championships Category. In 5th place overall, Moss bagged herself the bronze on vault and silver on floor with a score of 10.700, as well as winning a place in next year’s Somerset Squad. img_0244Sharing joint silver on floor with Moss, Wyatt came 6th on vault. Rushforth’s vault won her 8th place, with a score of 10.850.

In the Mini Championships Category, 9-year-old Anya Green and 10-year-olds Camille Gillett and Esme Mathias competed. Green came 4th on beam with a score of 11.400, with Gillett following closely behind in 5th place, scoring 11.150. Mathias came 4th on vault and 3rd on bars with a score of 11.250, coming in 4th place overall and winning a place in next year’s Somerset Squad.

The Senior Championships Category saw 13-year-olds Pearl Fray and Jasmine Andrews, and 15-year-old Edie Gudmunsen compete. Andrews bagged the gold medal on vault, scoring 12.95, as well as 5th place on beam and 5th place overall, bagging herself a place in next year’s Somerset Squad. Also making the grade, Gudmunsen came 6th overall, winning 4th place on vault, and the bronze medal on bars, with a score of 11.200. Fray came 6th on beam with a score of 11.600.

img_0246As well as competing individually, gymnasts taking part in the Mini Championships and Senior Championships competitions were also grouped into three teams – Wyverns, Dragons, and Griffins – who competed against each other throughout the day. The overall winning team, the Dragons, were helped to victory by team members Camille Gillett and Jasmine Andrews, with the Griffins, including Esme Mathias and Edie Gudmunsen, taking 2nd place. Anya Green and Pearl Fray competed for the Wyverns, who followed in 3rd place.

Baskervilles’ Elite Girls Coach Katie Cottrell commented, “I was very impressed by all of the girls, who came into the competition calm and confident and managed to hold their own incredibly well. A successful competition was had by all”.

Another West Country Gold for Baskervilles Girls

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IMG_9990 - CopySquad girls from Baskervilles Gymnastics Club have competed in their second West Country League Competition of the year, bringing some great results, including a team gold medal for the A League Division 3 team. The competition, which took place on Sunday 9th October in two different South West Gymnastics Clubs, saw gymnasts from the area compete against each other on behalf of their clubs, with four teams representing Baskervilles.

Competing at the Forest of Dean Gymnastics Club, Baskervilles’ B League Division 3 team came away with the silver medal, whilst the A League Division 3 team took home the gold.

IMG_9989 - Copy8-year-old Amelie Rushforth, 9-year-olds Olivia Underwood, Molly Hibbert-Davies and Isabella Mori, and 10-year-olds Phoebe Prichard, Isobel Dixon and Abigail Baxter competed in the A League Division 3 team. Individually, Prichard came 1st overall in the category, with a score of 45.60, taking 2nd place on floor. Following closely behind with an overall score of 45.35, Dixon came 3rd overall, with 2nd place on asymmetric bars and 3rd place on beam. Coming 5th overall individually, Rushforth also won 1st place on the asymmetric bars, scoring 10.65. Hibbert-Davies came 1st on vault, scoring 12.20, and 3rd on asymmetric bars. With a score of 12.00, Baxter came 2nd on vault, with Underwood following closely behind in 3rd position, scoring 11.95.

IMG_9988 - CopyThe B League Division 3 team comprised of Camille Gillett, 10, Pearl Fray, 13, Jasmine Andrews, 13, Elisabeth Osborn, 14, and Edie Gudmunsen, 15. Osborne’s 2nd places on both asymmetric bars (scoring 11.85), and floor (scoring 12.85), contributed to her overall 4th place in the competition. Andrews came 1st on vault, with a score of 13.15, with Gudmunsen following closely behind, taking 2nd place on vault with a score of 13.05.

DSC04716 - CopyThe A League Premiership team and the C League Division 1 team both competed at Wiltshire School of Gymnastics, with C League Division 1 winning the team silver, and the A League Premiership team bagging bronze.

Competing in the A League Premiership were 7-year-olds Tahlia Wyatt and Gracie Hurd, 8-year-old Annabelle Moss, 9-year-old Anya Green and 10-year-old Esme Mathias. Green’s 1st place on vault, with a score of 12.70, and 3rd place on asymmetric bar contributing to her 3rd place overall. Mathias came 3rd on floor, with a score of 11.80.

DSC04661 - Copy10-year-olds Isobel Martin and Rosa Pawlyn, 12-year-old Kiera Williams and 16-year-old Bree Warren competed in the C League Division 1 team. Individually, in 1st place overall was Warren, with a combined score of 45.57. Warren came 1st on vault, scoring 13.05, 2nd on floor, and 3rd on asymmetric bars. With a score of 9.90, Williams came 2nd on asymmetric bars, with Martin taking 3rd place on beam, scoring 10.97.

‘I’m really pleased with all of the girls’ performances’, Elite Coach Francesca Ince explained, ‘many of our gymnasts competed new skills which they have only recently learned’.

The girls are now looking forward to the final of this year’s West Country League, which will be held in November.

More Gymnastic Action as Baskervilles Girls Bag Over 70 Medals

IMG_4986 - CopyBaskervilles Gymnastics Club welcomed over 200 gymnasts from around the South West on Sunday 16th October for their Girls’ Gymnasts in Action Competition. The day saw successes across the board, including over 70 medals for Baskervilles’ gymnasts.

Gymnasts from 10 gymnastic clubs attended the competition, with girls aged between six and 16 partaking. Gymnasts were split into 16 categories, which were competed over three sessions throughout the day. All gymnasts were judged on the vault, trampet, and their floor routines, with awards given out for scores on specific apparatus, and overall.

IMG_4990 - CopyThe first session of the day saw some great results for Baskervilles’ gymnasts. In the Under 9 Intermediate Competition, Phoebe Franklin came 2nd overall, taking 2nd place on floor and 1st place on trampet, scoring 12.400. Kezia Nokeokouman came 3rd on floor and 2nd on vault with a score of 12.350, which contributed to an overall 3rd place. Roxy Bristow came 1st on vault, scoring 12.450, whilst Rahni Burnett-Maloney scored 12.300 to win 3rd place on trampet.

Sophie Franklin-Adams was overall victor in the Under 11 Pre-Level Red Competition, scoring 34.350. Franklin-Adams took home a gold medal on vault, a silver on floor and bronze on trampet. Completing an all-Baskervilles line up on floor, Freya Brown won the gold medal, with Ellie Hobson taking home the bronze. Olivia Bendry and Nolly Quinn came in joint 3rd place on vault.

IMG_4994 - CopyIn the Under 11 Intermediate Competition, Alice Haig won overall, with a score of 35.000, taking home silver medals on floor and trampet. Farrah DeBuriatte and Arsia Gashi followed closely behind, taking joint 2nd place overall, with DeBuriatte taking bronze on floor and silver on vault, and Gashi winning 1st place on floor and 3rd place on vault. Anna McKim came 2nd on trampet and 1st on vault with a score of 12.000, and Nina Walters bagged 1st place on trampet, scoring 12.100.

IMG_5057 - CopyIn the Under 13 Pre-Level Competition, Alice Hibbert-Davies won first place on vault with a score of 12.300. Sabrina Sanfillipo came 2nd on floor and 3rd overall. But it was Stevie Saunders who bagged the overall title, with a score of 35.700, winning golds on floor and trampet, as well as being in bronze position on vault.

In the second session of the day, in the Under 7 Pre-Level Competition, Sophie Napp came 2nd on floor, and L’Maia Shanley’s score of 12.450 secured her the silver medal on trampet.

IMG_5065 - CopyIn the Under 7 Intermediate Category, Rhiannon Anaya and Lucie Hall shared overall 1st place, scoring 33.850. Anaya came 2nd on floor and vault and 1st on trampet, with Hall winning 1st place on floor and vault and 2nd on trampet. Isla O’Connor came 2nd overall, winning silver on trampet and bronze on floor, and Isabel Rich completed the overall medals, taking the bronze, thanks in part to a 3rd place position on vault.

Mollie Dokic was the overall winner in the Under 7 Advanced Category, scoring 36.100, taking home gold medals on floor and vault, and silver on trampet. Eva Bentley won the silver medal overall, with a 3rd place position on vault. Lucy Edwards took home the overall bronze medal, placing 2nd on vault. Ella Gunn came 3rd on floor, and Hattie Stone won bronze on trampet and silver on floor. Roami Wilson took gold on the trampet, with a score of 12.200.

IMG_5071 - CopyEmily Franklin Adams came 2nd on vault in the Under 9 Pre-Level Blue Competition. In the Under 9 Pre Level Red Competition, Aoife Kestell came 1st on trampet with a score of 12.700, winning 3rd place overall. Olive Burgess came 2nd on trampet scoring 12.550, and Grace Kitteridge came 2nd on vault. Harriet Naysmith and Eva Emerson landed joint 3rd place on vault.

The third and final session of the day saw the oldest age categories in competition, including some of Baskervilles’ Demonstrators and Assistant Coaches. Brooke Rackstraw took home a bronze medal on floor in the Under 9 Advanced Category, and in the Under 11 Advanced Category, Baskervilles Demonstrator Bella Hemmings came 2nd on vault and 1st on trampet, scoring 12.200. In the Under 13 Intermediate Competition, Demonstrator Kora Franklin won a silver medal on floor.

IMG_5081 - CopyIn the Under 13 Advanced Category, Alice Gane scored 34.450, winning her the overall gold medal. Gane came 1st on floor and trampet, as well as bagging 3rd place on vault. Sophie Smith also scored well in this competition, coming 2nd on vault and 3rd on trampet.

In the Over 13 Intermediate Competition, Baskervilles Assistant Coach Emily Romero-Shaw came 1st on floor and trampet, winning silver overall. In the Over 13 Advanced Competition, Assistant Coach Daisy Collier came 3rd overall, with 3rd place on floor and 2nd place on vault with a score of 12.500. Assistant Coach Liliana Richmond scored 12.00 on trampet, giving her 3rd place.

IMG_5100 - CopyEach of the competitions included a fundraising raffle, with all funds raised to go towards the purchase of new equipment for the gym, and the improvement of Baskervilles’ facilities. Baskervilles put all of their profits back into the business for the benefit of their members – this helps aid gymnasts’ development to achieve their potential at all levels.

A great day was had by all, with successes for gymnasts from all the clubs taking part. Organiser Victoria Baskerville commented, ‘The competition ran smoothly, and it was so nice to see so many participants from all over the South West, especially in the older age groups and including our current and future coaches!’

Baskervilles are now looking forward to their next big event, their annual Christmas Gala, to be held on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th December.

Competition Results

Session 1 Under 9 Intermediate
Session 1 Under 11 Intermediate
Session 1 Under 11 Pre-Level Blue
Session 1 Under 11 Pre-Level Red
Session 1 Under 13 Pre-Level

Session 2 Under 7 Advanced
Session 2 Under 7 Intermediate
Session 2 Under 7 Pre Level
Session 2 Under 9 Pre Level Blue
Session 2 Under 9 Pre Level Red

Session 3 Over 13 Advanced
Session 3 Over 13 Intermediate
Session 3 Under 9 Advanced
Session 3 Under 11 Advanced
Session 3 Under 13 Advanced
Session 3 Under 13 Intermediate

Gymnasts Spring into Action at Baskervilles Boys Competition

IMG_4895Over 100 gymnasts from seven gymnastic clubs across the South West gathered at Baskervilles Gymnastics Club for their Gymnasts in Action competition on Saturday 8th October. Gymnasts competed in four different age categories, on three apparatus – floor, vault, and trampet – with Baskervilles’ gymnasts taking home a brilliant 15 medals for their efforts.

In the Under 7 Red Competition, Alson Goddard, James Lee, William Frayling, Oliver Mantri, Charlie McKean, Louis Delbridge and Harrison Pearce represented Baskervilles. Pearce put on a strong performance, claiming the overall gold medal, with a silver on vault and bronze on floor. Delbridge bagged the gold medal on vault, along with a silver on trampet, placing him 3rd overall. Frayling received the bronze medal on vault, with Lee taking the silver on trampet.

IMG_4912The Under 7 Blue Competition saw five gymnasts compete for Baskervilles. Henry McLean performed accurate routines to take bronze on floor and silver on vault, landing in overall 3rd place. Following closely behind, teammates Thomas Coles and Felix Bailey finished in joint 4th place in the overall competition, with Coles also receiving a gold medal on trampet. Hal Davies also performed strongly on trampet, earning him a bronze medal and contributing towards an overall 7th place. Evan Siddorn displayed consistent routines across the apparatus to land him in 12th position overall.

Representing the club in the competitive Under 9 Level B Competition were Zack Glasgow, Clem Nacchia, Finley Colebourne and Zach Miles. Nacchia performed strongly across all three apparatus, placing him in overall 4th place. Miles showed his prowess on the trampet where he won gold, whilst Glasgow showed persistence across the board to place him 13th overall. Colebourne also displayed his vaulting ability to take the silver medal and 6th place overall. William Stoaling and Sam Barton also displayed their ability to accurately complete their routines in the Level A competition, placing 13th and 14th overall respectively.

Boys Elite Coach Craig Hutchison explained, “The competition was a great success. As well as many of our boys receiving medals, the competition was a valuable learning experience for all of the boys at such a young age.

“A big thank you to Head Coach Levente Molnar-Schendorfer for organising the competition to run smoothly, as well as to all of the parents who helped out on the day”.

Competition Results

U13 Level B Blue Competition
U11 Level B Blue Competition
U11 Level A Blue Competition
U9 Level B Red Competition
U9 Level A Green Competition
U7 Red Competition
U7 Blue Competition

Baskervilles Announced as Bath Sports Awards Finalists

Bath Chronicle Sports finalistBaskervilles Gymnastics Club are in contention for the title of Community Club of the Year at the Bath Chronicle Sports Awards, it has been announced.

When choosing their finalists, the judges looked for clubs at the heart of their community, which has excelled in the delivery of sport people in a safe, supportive and quality environment.

Ahead of announcing the finalists at the end of September, a spokesperson from the awards explained, ‘the judges had a very tough task separating the scores of nominations we received across nine categories, but they managed to come up with some very competitive shortlists’.

Up against stiff competition from fellow nominees Minerva Rowing Club, Aquae Sulis Performance Swimming Club and Purnell Sports Youth, the overall winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony in November.

Baskervilles Girls Win Places at National Finals

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IMG_9502Baskervilles Gymnastic Club’s Elite Girls had a successful weekend of competition last week, with three gymnasts winning the chance to compete at National Finals. Seven gymnasts travelled to Wiltshire School of Gymnastics in Melksham on Sunday 25th September, for the South West Regional Heats of the Voluntary In-Age Competition, the highest level of competition gymnasts of their age can compete at.

Four gymnasts competed in the morning competition. 8-year-old Annabelle Moss took part in the Voluntary Level 5 Competition, with 9-year-old Anya Green in the Voluntary Level 4 Competition. 10-year-olds Esme Mathias and Rosa Pawlyn competed in the Voluntary Level 3 Competition.

IMG_9513Annabelle Moss had some great results, coming 3rd on floor with a score of 11.350, and 6th overall. Esme Mathias came 2nd on floor, scoring 11.850, and 5th overall, qualifying as a travelling reserve for the South West Squad at National Finals. In the same competition, Rosa Pawlyn came 2nd on bar and vault, where she scored 12.860, 3rd on floor and beam, and landed bronze position overall, winning her a place in the South West team at National Finals.

In the afternoon competition, 10-year-old Isobel Martin took part in the Voluntary Level 2 Competition, with 12-year-old Kiera Williams competing in the South West Challenge Espoir Competition and 16-year-old Bree Warren in the South West Challenge Senior Competition.

IMG_9506Isobel Martin’s score of 12.440 on beam won her 2nd place, contributing to an overall 4th position and a place representing Baskervilles at National Finals. Kiera Williams placed 5th overall, with a 4th place score of 11.350 on floor. But it was Bree Warren who swept the board in her competition, winning golds on every piece – bar, floor, beam and vault, where she scored 12.930. To complete the collection, Bree also won the overall gold medal.

The girls will compete at National Finals on 5th and 6th November.