Five Reasons Your Child Should Start Gymnastics

5BAS0309Your child will learn so much by taking part in gymnastics from a young age – and we don’t just mean how to execute the perfect forward roll.

Nowadays, there is so much choice of activities for your child, it can feel like a minefield. Here’s how weekly Gymnastic Classes will help your child to develop into a balanced, confident and conscientious individual.

1. Gymnastics Improves Fitness, Strength, Flexibility and Co-Ordination
Gymnastics builds an excellent foundation for a fit and healthy future, helping your child to obtain a strong core, sense of balance, awareness of their body and flexibility. Your child will benefit from their Gymnastic background as the core skills can be easily transferred to other sports and will help them lead an active lifestyle.

2. Gymnastics will Provide a Solid Basis for your Child’s School Education
The motor skills which are developed during a Gymnastic Class, thanks to the inclusion of movements such as running, jumping, hanging and climbing, mean that a child with a Gymnastic background should find it easier to learn to write and draw. High postural tone, shoulder integrity, and co-ordination, built up in a weekly Gymnastic Class, will allow children to write more legibly and reduce fatigue when writing and drawing.

3. Gymnastics Teaches Children to Follow Directions
In a Gymnastic Class, your child will have to listen to and follow instructions. They will learn to move around a circuit completing different tasks, and to check on the instruction cards if they forget the next skill. Gymnasts will gain confidence when they are able to achieve the set task.

pic24. Gymnastics Teaches Courage, Self-Discipline and Patience
Gymnastics is scary and takes children out of their comfort zone each time they try something they are not familiar or confident with. Gymnasts very quickly learn to get back up and try again, and that perfection is not achieved first time. By practicing a skill over and over, children learn self-discipline, resilience, and how to overcome fear and accomplish things that scare them.

5. Gymnastics Helps to Develop Social Skills
Children will meet and get to know people of different backgrounds and cultures in their Gymnastic Class. Gymnasts will work as part of a group, helping to form bonds which often extend beyond the gymnasium.

At Baskervilles, we offer structured, planned and progressive Gymnastic Classes for children aged from 18 months. We will help your child to develop into a well-rounded individual, and you can feel confident that you have made the right decision in choosing Gymnastics at Baskervilles.

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